Friday, March 16, 2012


The Honourable Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak 

Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia 
Main Block, Perdana Putra 
Building Federal Government Administrative Centre 

Dear Mr Prime Minister, 

Re : The State of Affairs – How to Win the next coming ELECTION ? 

YAB Dato Sri,


Currently, what is going on in the mind of every Malaysians is that, where do we go from here ? After the huge economic success of the 80’s and 90’s, coming towards beginning of this new era after Y2K, people are feeling restless as the value of their money is getting lesser and lesser. They are loosing the purchasing power. The price of goods and services are on the hike while salaries remain stagnant. Inflation is rapidly creeping up and business opportunities are scarce and worse still without capital. Everything seems to be taken up. The civil service of the entire nation rest upon unmotivated non co-operative working forces whom are more keen going for courses which do not improve current service standard. Even in the private sector, we are experiencing lack of service attitude among Malaysians workforce from hotels to banks to GLC’s and even a trip to the Post Office to pay up bills is sometimes a horrifying experience.


YAB Dato Sri,

I wish that you could launch a nationwide campaign which target workforce from all walks of Malaysians either civil or private services, to up their services and at the same time improve their quality of delivery to the people. There should be real solid capable individuals , ready to serve the people in all government ministries and agencies. Discard all the old horses ready to be replace with vibrant , young , new blood. Ensure quality and dependable personnel with integrity to lead and manage all front desks and counters. Delight the people with excellent customer service which in turn will change perceptions about the government since we have few states taken over by the oppositions. The Barisan Nasional states and Federal agents , should and must be distinctly different in the way they operate their businesses especially the ones concerning servicing the public. This should be taken care now with utmost care and focusing on the quality of delivery and should be done with such a brute force that it is instantly felt throughout the whole nation. We must first focus on the delivery systems and do a factor rating score for each and every service counters provided by the civil services and fix all failures from the system point of view. Then we must have people who are capable to manage and maintain the system consistently and completely without prejudice whatsoever. In the eyes of the system, everybody is equal.


The BN component parties , may have “cawangans” all over Malaysia but they are not 100% representations of the total 100% of the ENTIRE nation. Being a conservative and docile communities, Malaysian politics have changed into more robust and aggressive in the recent years with the Oppositions getting more and more vicious in their attacks not even sparing issues relating to race and religion. There are many among the working class, who stays apolitical and represent the greater silent majority. It is to this silent majority that the BN reps must turun padang to meet them. They must be met in the wet market, in the pasar malam, in the factories, in the ports, in the warehouses, in the housing estates, in the sports complexes, in the plantations and estates even in areas only orang asli lives. Get on the bus and put thy feet on the ground and meet the sons and daughters of the soil who help to turn Malaysia around. Meet them while they are on their way to work or while they are fetching their children and talk to them. Know what the ground is feeling and this should be done concurrently all over Malaysia now. It should also be a consistent affairs. Have rallies and organise marches with the people and show the oppositions the real power of the silent majority. Let the BN representatives work with their constituents and hear out their problems in small groups. BN reps must FEEL for them, THINK with them and bring back their VIEWS to the Parliament , State Assemblies and even to the Cabinet to influence the decision making process. This must be made known to the people. They must know that they are being heard. We not only hear the business communities but we also hear the working classes and even the silent majority. To WIN this election, we must leave all conference rooms and get on the padang and sit on the ground and watch wayang pacak with the people.


Young people all over the world are voting for the opposition especially in long serving governments such as the recent Tunisia and Egypt rallies which lead to the overthrowing of those governments. This will sweep across all Muslim countries. There must be a positive engagement with student and young people all over Malaysia and the dialogue must be engaged so that they are heard. We need to hear them out or else , the populist oppositions will attract them with charismatic talk. These young people must be educated to make informed decisions and choices. We must provide them with that education so that they don’t turn radicals. It is very difficult to reach the young voters and they just don’t listen to boring lengthy political speeches. They are very attracted to the oppositions as the oppositions speaks language of attack and condemnations. To neutralize this is to combat the oppositions with talk based on knowledge, facts and figures. We need to create our very own Malcolm X to reach our young voters. Movies and films are a great appeals likewise Ayatollah Khoemeini uses movies to launch his propaganda from France. We have the media at our disposal, and we must use this effectively to connect with all young voters. We must get on the Internet with websites and blogs to feed the younger voters with correct info, facts and figures.


In the heart of the opposition states where Muslim and Malays are the majority, the Federal Government should choose one of the BN parliamentary constituency and within it, select an area and turn it into an Islamic City. This Islamic City should be govern by local council but it is Syariah Compliance whereby actually the local council is the Majlis Syura. This Islamic City is a modern approach but within an Islamic framework whereby all the urban development is modelled alike to Islamic Cities around the world during the height of Islamic civilization. Bring back glory of Baghdad, Samarkand, Istanbul and Bukhara and revitalise Islamic Education, Architecture, Irrigation System, Urban Township, Satellite Mosque, Knowledge Centre and within it , bring back the Jannah tul Firdaus. Malaysian Muslims who wish to live in a modern Islamic City can opt to move into this Urban Township and be guaranteed that it is 100% Syariah compliance. The Banking system is 100% Islamic with no Riba system. This will really rival PAS initiatives of the Hudud System which is based upon medieval Islamic Legal system which has not been developed after Word War 1 as all Muslim countries are subjugated under Western colonisation.


Also in the heart of the opposition states, areas which belongs to BN , select an area where Chinese or Indian are the majority, build and extensive ETHNIC CENTRES which reflect the cultural background of Chinese and Indians alike. Care for their places of worship, centralised education centre as well as modern developed cultural centres for their people.


In areas where the racial composition is well balanced, choose an area and developed the 1 MALAYSIA CITY. This is a township with all modern infrastructure are located within an area so that to minimise travelling and people live in close circuit communities with up to date facilities. The 1 Malaysia City should be the blueprint where all states throughout Malaysia must comply. It is a developed neuron township network which links all residential area to a Business and Industrial Complex Hub.


Malaysia has to take advantage of its youth population currently. They need to be educated. Currently, we have on going education programs but the content of these programs does not fit into the schemes of things as far as international standard are concern. Our education system should be moving towards skill oriented rather than management oriented which is utterly useless in the first place. We should bring the best of the world education system back to Malaysia and provide choices for our students to choose in with guaranteed government support. We should emphasis on SCIENCE and MATHEMATICS as the core subjects in order to propel our younger generation into a bright upstart in the future. Malaysia must be THE EDUCATION HUB of this region and we should attract all the big brains back to this country by declaring the whole nation as a GLOBAL EDUCATION VILLAGE.


We need to pledge a promise to Malaysians that everybody has a stake in the Malaysian pie not only a select few. That promise is a promise of affordable housing fulfilled in a nation of homeowners. We need to totally eradicate the slums and the “setinggan” area involving housing development for the entire lower class communities of all races. The TSUNAMI housing project was indeed a very successful project but its scope is very narrow that the effect do not has a lasting effect. The Malaysian Housing Board must be mobilise to build affordable housing program for the entire nation and it should be dubbed RUMAH 1 MALAYSIA. Then there should be a system in place to appreciate the prices of these houses so that home owners could upgrade their living standard if they were to sell these houses. This create credibility for the BN Government as we are able to keep our promise to give every man or woman an asset.

Last but not least.......Be sincere and honest. Honesty is always the best policy.

YAB Dato Sri,

I wish you and BN the best of luck in the next General Election ......

The Best is Yet to Be...



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