Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Tua Pow Eng's Media Boys (and Girls) – Hated by Journalists in Penang 

The newspapers have reported that Lim Guan Eng is surrounded by a bunch of cocky, half baked and juvenile staff on his 28th floor office in Komtar. Well, maybe the papers didn’t quite describe it that way but you know what the papers are like. They are so “takut” of this vindictive man who cannot take even a little bit of criticism.

He is so megalomaniac that if you tell him, your hair so nice today, he will say, yesterday not nice ah? Why you so critical of me today? Anyway we don’t want to get sidetracked by his hair which is back to the oily style now that his love affair has ended.

Today we want to talk about LGE’s boys and girls who have caused so much problems for him and the Penang media. According to our reporter friends, these gang of people around Emperor LGE are known as the 28th floor.

LGE’s boys and girls are now the most hated bunch of clowns in Komtar. Why? Let us tell you.

They are bloody arrogant. They think that just because their boss is so powerful and loved by Penang Chinese, that means the people also love them. They are strutting around like their arrogant boss. You say their boss, they go for you with a sledgehammer. You criticise their boss, you are finished.

Reporters tell us they will send nasty press statements running them down. They are not very smart. We can tolerate some cocky behaviour if you graduated from Harvard or Cambridge. The clowns around LGE have some education, some don’t even go to university.

But half had failed their Form 5, joined DAP and suddenly the tsunami happened and they were lording it over the media from the 28th floor. In fact, state exco member Danny Law cannot even speak English correctly! Another exco, Lim Hock Seng, was a contractor, filling up potholes in Butterworth and he also struggles with his English and BM.

They belong to the Dong Jiao Zong gang. That means they speaking little bit England only. As for Bahasa Malaysia, err, what is that language ah? You get our drift? So when they issue press statements, it’s like in Astro Oh My English! Really teruk.

We won’t go into their command of the national language because these guys think they are living in a branch of China. Can you blame the Malay papers for not being able to relate with them and the English media for misunderstanding them?

The most powerful man after LGE on 28th floor is Zairil Khir Johari. No need for introduction, he is already famous as the Chinese fella with the Malay name. His power comes from the fact that he is currently LGE’s favourite, most trusted.

He will be made the next Deputy CM to replace that good for nothing Mansor Ismail. Actually he is not as obnoxious as his boss because he is quite blur but say anything about his boss and he will immediately rebut you in press statement, at ceramah or write in his column for the Malaysian Insider.

Anyway Zairil, enjoy your place under the Son (pun intended) while it lasts. LGE is like another cuckoo bird Ong Tee Keat, megalomaniac, paranoaic and neurotic. Prone to mood swings, morning happy, afternoon angry, evening sad. One day you are there, next day you are out. Give us a call when you fall, we don’t mind lending you a shoulder to cry on before you are pushed off 28th Floor



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