Sunday, July 1, 2012


Chinese Reporters Step Up Fight Against Guan Eng in Facebook War

This latest article, purportedly written by Chinese press reporters, is making its rounds in Facebook.

Headlined: Lim Guan Eng – Has he become God until he can no longer be criticised? Or has he become a monster, the article has become the latest salvo fired against the CM.

The Chinese media reporters in Penang are said to be angry at the arrogance of DAP cyber troopers who have started vicious attacks against their fellow colleagues.

It looks like the infatuation between the Chinese media and Guan Eng has come to an end as they begin to see his arrogance and selfishness.

The article, written in Chinese, lambasted the CM, saying since he became the CM, Guan Eng has displayed zero tolerance for criticism and regularly showed his anger against reporters who wrote articles pointing out his mistakes.

It is understood that Penang editors have also grumbled of the CM sending nasty SMS to them complaining of news seen to be unfavourable to him.

His DAP cyber troopers have also adopted the same arrogance against the media, according to the FB article, pointing out that these DAP cyber troopers would gang up to attack reporters, who criticised their beloved Dear Leader.

The Penang media has complained that these cyber troopers including aides of Guan Eng had even used derogatory remarks to run down these reporters.

The sentiment among the media is that these actions were sanctioned by the Penang DAP leaders as these cocky party leaders have confidently feel that the Chinese community was on their side and they don’t need to “entertain” the Chinese press reporters.

The unhappiness among the Chinese press media is that aides of CM had even openly posted nasty comments against certain Chinese reporters.

Well, the Chinese media is learning the hard way that Guan Eng isn’t God.



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