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422220_3689662204396_176894523_nhebat lah juga di pulau pinang kerana telah ada FIRST LADY iaitu isteri lim guan eng. mengikut cerita orang penang di media sosial facebook, betty telah menjadi cantik dalam sekelip mata kerana mahu mengorat suaminya semula …memang tak boleh bayang lah macamana rupa si betty tu. 

akhbar bahasa cina kwong wah yit poh telah menyiarkan muka hadapan tentang isteri guan eng. tindakan akhbar ini memang terdesak sangat sampai cerita betty pun boleh buat berita utama mereka. sungguh memalukan.


Betty Takes to the Catwalk After Dog Fight with Rainbow!

Imagine what the DAP zombies would react if any of the mainstream newspapers were to put such frivolous pictures and news of Rosmah Mansor on their front pages? But if it is Betty Chew on the page one of the Kwong Wah Yit Poh, it is well and fine.
The Penang-based Kwong Wah Yit Poh has been shamelessly trying to curry favour with the Dear

Leader by bodeking his wife.They carried a lovely report of the “elegant first lady” of Penang doing the catwalk at a fashion show. According to the newspaper report the audience gave her loud applause. But according to our friends who were really there, there were no catcalls for Betty, who thanks to her hot and jealous temper, caused her husband to get the name Plaster Man.

No need to explain. Everybody knows already. Our DAP friends (why, you don’t believe we got DAP friends ah?) tell us that Betty is still smarting from her husband’s fling with Ng Phaik Kheng aka Rainbow aka Xiao Hong. She cannot accept that her hamsap (gatal in Cantonese) husband preferred Rainbow. To prove that she got the goods, she has gone on a diet, lost weight, changed her hair style and colour and got herself a new wardrobe, all charged to husband’s expense account. Or is the taxpayers of Penang? A woman scorned is an expensive woman!

Betty has been on a shopping spree and she has been wearing new, trendy and expensive looking outfits. During the Governor of Penang’s birthday, she was the best dressed woman. Even the the mak datins who were at the ceremony could not outdo her. Her anger with the CM has also been treated with some handbag therapy. She even goes around carrying a folding fan to fan herself like Rosmah does.

Anyway, our psychologist friends ( yes, dear readers, we have friends everywhere) say it is not only anger with her husband that made her to upgrade her looks. She is also trying to show her rival that she is slimmer, more stylish, has more handbags. Unfortunately, Rainbow has something which money and power cannot buy – Rainbow has YOUTH while poor Betty is an old hen with new feathers. We have seen women like her before. Soon she will taking up yoga and pole dancing and belly dancing and whatever to appear more desirable to her husband.

Sad that the Kota Laksamana assemblywoman has become a desperate housewife. She has absolutely no time for her constituency because she is obsessed with winning back her husband’s attention. Our advice to poor Betty is forget about the next election. Give chance to someone younger and who can spend time in Melaka instead of attending fashion shows in Penang and going on shopping sprees.

It is not fair to the people of Kota Laksamana. She is an absentee YB who is getting gaji buta. And when the Malacca state assembly sit last month, she could not even answer a simple question: why was Rainbow transferred out of her husband’s office? It was an innocent question about the transfer of a Komtar staff and she accused the MCA YB of asking a dirty question. Then she spent the rest of the assembly sulking and unfurling a banner condemning the guy who asked the question.

Dear Betty, don’t be angry with our remarks. We like your new look. Maybe you should give some weight loss advice to your other rival Cheong Yin Fang, who is now the Queen Bee of 28th Floor since Rainbow was kicked out. We heard from our friends on 28th Floor (we got friends on every floor of Komtar) that Cheong Yin Fang has put on weight, looking like a fatty-boom-boom thanks to the good life.

Every day sitting on her butt writing press statements scolding the press and quarrelling with reporters. What kind of press secretary la? Does she understand that her job is to establish good press relations for her boss and the press? Instead she is like her boss, quarrel, blame, criticises. The statements from the CM Office sounds like a statement from the DAP headquarters. No class lah. And everyday writing articles praising your husband. Another case of gaji buta.

You better keep your eye on that one. Heard she is getting close to your husband to lobby to be a calon in PRU13. On second thoughts, you will be safer if she keeps putting on more weight. Better send her another box of cupcakes. We are not against you. We are only against your husband, who we regard as an outsider who does not belong in Penang.



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