Wednesday, June 6, 2012


A straight-forward purchase of military assets has never before been politicized in a way the SUARAM did with the scorpene submarines. The submarines case ‘emerged’ again in Bangkok recently, when SUARAM made a press statement to brief on the progress of the investigation by the French. Admitting that the case sounded like a Hollywood spy thriller, SUARAM continued to precede the court, calling the government corrupt and the Prime Minister, a murderer!

The judge said that the investigations will not complete in 2-3 years, so why can’t SUARAM just sit still and wait for the verdict? Why the press conference? Why the publicity? Why now?

But SUARAM just can’t sit still. They need to tarnish the government’s image and smear the PM’s name in order to help the opposition gain some political mileage, up till the election. Right now, the SUARAM is determined to continue lying that the PM or his wife had murdered Altantuya,

But their lies have already been exposed. The original ‘hollywood spy thriller’ script has been scrapped-off by the writer himself, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK). In an interview, RPK exposed how he made-up the hearsay story, as ordered by some parties in the oppositions.

The script was also way too dramatic that it failed to tally with the facts. The facts remained that at the time of the murder, the PM was attending a ‘buka puasa’ program in Kedah while his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah had a separate ‘buka puasa’ program with the orphanage in Tabung Haji, Kuala Lumpur. There are video, pictures and alibis to confirm that Datin Seri Rosmah was never at the crime scene, as written by RPK, in his original script.

In scrutinizing SUARAM’s motive, we must agree that grudges alone do not generate money. So, where does SUARAM get all the money to hire two highly paid French lawyers, namely Joseph Breham and William Bourdon to represent them? Are they paid by the hour, like most western and european lawyers are? Note that these lawyers were taken to Malaysia and then Bangkok just for publicity purposes. And how many of SUARAM’s officers are there in France to monitor the case, and for how long? Who paid for their travelling expenses, lodging, meals, refreshments, documentations? …And how much?

We know that SUARAM is small organization, almost unknown to ordinary Malaysians. How can they afford all these?

I’m sure, by now everybody would agree that it is beginning to look like SUARAM is the one should be under trial, not our government.

Vice Chairman MCA Bukit Bendera Division.


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