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The Tale of The Terrible 3 A’s – Ambiga breaks up with Anwar and Azmin? 

Ambiga – From Hero to Zero

The word is out. Ambiga has told her inner circle NGO circle that she wants nothing more to do with Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali. She has been fuming ever since the Berish 3 fiasco that has made her look like a fool.

What more, having to put up with butts and beef burgers in her frontyard. The love affair has ended. Poor Ambiga has been taken for a ride by Anwar and gang.

Yes, we noticed that the only people allowed into her posh Damansara home shortly after Bersih 3 were the NGOs people like the lookalike pair of uglies Maria Chin and Wong Chin Huat, vampire face Cynthia Gabriel, Arul from the socialist party and several other usual suspects who will support anything that is anti BN.

The only notable PKR figure allowed in after the street violence was Nurul Izzah. Mummy and daddy were not welcome and neither were Azmin and that clown Tian Chua.

Even the women champion Teresa Cock and Elisabeth Wong were not welcome. Why? Because Ambiga and her NGO gang blames them for the the way the protest turned into a fight fest and near anarchy.

Outwardly Ambiga has blamed the police but behind the scenes she has laid the blame squarely on Anwar and Azmin, the pair who had instigated the crowd to burst through barbed wires and barriers into Dataran Merdeka.

Even Pas is angry and ashamed. Their Unit Amal guys who were there to do crowd control and maintain order suddenly turned into law breakers. Everyone has seen the video of the maroon attired Pas Unit Amal barrelling their way through the police barricade after Anwar and Azmin made those secret hand signals. What a bunch of ruffians! Pas should disband them or send them, for national service training.

Ambiga’s face has been as black as thunder since that day. She feels she has been betrayed by the PKR goons, her dignity has been dragged through the streets and she is facing a law suit.

Worst of all, she has lost her credibility and dropped her water face. In fact she looks like a stupid old woman who should have known better than to trust politicians especially one like Anwar.

People say she is a hot shot lawyer. Really? The way she talks, it sounds like she does not even know what a court injunction is.

Did she understand that the police has a court injunction stopping anyone from entering Dataran Merdeka? She keeps blaming police for firing tear gas and that was why people went wild. Hello aunty, the teargas flew only after Anwar and gang crashed through police barriers.

The trouble with Ambiga was that she got big headed after the success of Bersih 2. She thought she was God’s answer to democracy.

The orginal Bersih organisers were just a bunch of frustrated NGOs trying to be king makers ahead of the general election. They did not have the network or organisstion and needed the political parties to help organise the demo and bring out the numbers.

She wanted to use the PR people and she thought she could control them and call the shots. She did not realise that she was dealing with the father of exploitation, Anwar Ibrahim. He used her, he screwed up Bersih 3 and now Ambiga has been left high and dry. Now she knows how Saiful Bukhary felt.

A few days after Bersih 3, she admitted there would be no Bersih 4. It was an admission of defeat that things had gone wrong with her Bersih baby.

She has ceased to appear at Oppposition rallies and functions. She has refused to be seen with them. We heard she was invited to a big fund raising dinner by PKR in Royal Bintang Hotel a few months ago. Needless to say, she stayed at home. Anwar’s tactics has left a bad taste in her mouth, pun intended.

Ambiga has gone from hero to zero after Bersih 3. Nobody likes manipulators who try to overthrow a government via street violence.

As a lawyer she should know the law. The election process is not perfect but it is not as teruk as she and her friends claim. Otherwise how on earth did the PR win so many states in 2008?

She has not said a word about the way a traffic policeman was kicked and attacked or the mobs who wrecked the police car and caused the cop inside to land up in a hospital bed.

She just went on and on like a Tamil movie about how the police beat up people. She simply refused to acknowledge that her mobs also beat up the police. Instead she is suing the government over the Peaceful Assembly Act.

We think Ambiga is a hypocrite whose true colours have been exposed in the aftermath of the street violence. Sorry your love fest with Anwar Ibrahim has ended. Politics unlike Tamil movies do not always end happily ever after.

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Anonymous said...

That why we all protest you AMBIGA , you're just a TROJAN HORSE / PUPET to anuar and those jokers. Well i would suggest you tried antoher BERSIH 4 but this time a very different one - WE DONT WANT A TRAITOR PRIME MINISTER. That sound better

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